About the Poccardio project

Personalised Medicine by using an Advanced Point-of-Care Tool for Stratified Treatment in High Risk Cardiovascular Patients

The PoCCardio project aims to promote personalised treatment of cardiovascular (CV) diseases by identifying CV patients at a high risk and to explore the potential of multifactorial intensified risk factor treatment in lowering cardiovascular risk and recurrent events.

To do so, the project is developing a point-of-care (PoC) tool which uses biological markers and polymorphisms from finger prick blood to help identify, classify and monitor cardiovascular patients at high risk.

The tool will be validated in two trials; a lab validation to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and robustness of the device in assessing the biomarkers and polymorphisms, followed by a multinational clinical trial to investigate if an intensified, multifactorial risk factor management guided by selected biomarkers measured by the PoC device can reduce the risk of a composite cardiovascular outcome.

Improved management

Personalised treatment strategy & facilitated CV risk factor monitoring

Increased acceptance

Low-cost measurements & rapid determination of risk profile in primary healthcare settings


Identification of appropriate patients & effective and efficient use of existing pharmaceuticals

The PoCCardio Point-of-care Tool

Enables immediate treatment intensification in routine patient care with adaptation of risk factor control during a single patient visit

The Consortium

The PoCCardio consortium comprises seven organisations constituting a strong expertise in technical, clinical, and social sciences.

Medical University of Graz
Medical University of GrazProject Coordinator
Ghent University
Ghent UniversityEU project partner
Rovira i Virgili University
Rovira i Virgili UniversityEU project partner
FraunhoferEU project partner
In-JeT ApS
In-JeT ApSEU project partner
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Tehran University of Medical SciencesInternational project partner
Labman Automation
Labman AutomationInternational project partner